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Para todos aqueles que querem mostrar a real personalidade dos outros usando de bom humor. Vamos mostrar que o lado verdadeiro das pessoa se mostram quando nós somos nós mesmos. SDDM

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Fakecity is a network designed to fakes irreverent users, you create your character and shall be who you want to be. There 13 people registered and the recent worlds of them are:

 Copiadoll,  Deutsch Männer,  Sou bicha sim e daí ?,  Espiritismo da Derrota,  Ufologia da Gozação,  Mulheres também têm cu,

  • 01) Forbidden apology for foods made with meat.
  • 02) Forbidden mistreatment of animals apology.
  • 03) Forbidden pedophilia and bestiality zoo apology.
  • 04) Forbidden disclose people address, phone number and document numbers.
  • 05) Forbidden racism, anti-Semitism and misogyny.
  • 06) We do not like privacy, all your information can be viewed by the government, NSA or any other person.
  • 07) Your information may be deleted at any time.
  • 08) It is allowed to curse anyone
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